UChoose Rewards Program

Welcome to UChoose® Rewards at Farmers State Bank

Now you can earn exciting brand-name merchandise, gift cards, travel, event tickets and more - just for using your Farmers State Bank Debit Card!

Earn 1 UChoose Rewards point for every $4 spent when you select "credit" and sign for your purchases, without using your PIN, wherever VISA® is accepted.

Earn even more points by shopping:

  • at participating local or national retailers - see a list of participating retailers at www.uchooserewards.com
  • online through www.uchooserewards.com - points won't be earned if you shop directly through the merchant's website

UChoose Rewards is one of the finest rewards programs in the country - and the area's only debit card rewards program. That means more "bank" for your buck!

We offer rewards to our valued Farmers State Bank debit card customers with qualifying accounts. You need to register to:

  • Earn points
  • Find out how many points you have.
  • See the merchandise that could be yours.
  • Redeem points for merchandise.

Register now at www.uchooserewards.com and start rewarding yourself!

Shop, Earn Points, Choose Rewards like:

  • over 5 million items of brand-name merchandise
  • travel experiences and activities
  • event tickets
  • gift cards

A qualified Farmers State Bank checking account is needed to obtain a debit card.

If you have a qualified Farmers State Bank checking account and you want a debit card, call today to sign up!