1031 Tax Deferred Exchange

Defer Capital Gains Taxes on Land Sales

Is the prospect of having to pay a capital gains tax stopping you from upgrading (more acres, better soil, same number of acres in a different state at lower cost per acre) your land base?

Don’t Worry! You can sell your appreciated property to trade up and not pay the capital gains tax today by deferring the taxes to the future with a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange.

Here’s How:

The property you buy needs to be investment property;

            • Farmland

            • Commercial building

            • Apartment building

            • Other real property (as long as it’s not a primary residence)

Property intended for an exchange needs to be held for more than one year to qualify for Tax Deferred Treatment.

It’s easy and affordable to set up a 1031 Exchange

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Please consult your tax advisor for details.