Agency Accounts

Protect Disabled and Minors from Being Cheated

Conservator / guardian accounts protect the disabled and minors from being taken advantage of. We have long provided conscientious service to our clients during periods of incapacity or in situations requiring a conservator or guardian when ordered by the court.

Manage Your Finances and Assets on Your Behalf

A durable Power of Attorney (Attorney in Fact) can give you the peace of mind that your bills will be paid and your assets managed properly should you:
          • Become unable to handle your finances because of failing health.
          • Want or need to free yourself of the day-to-day responsibilities of taking care of your finances.

Less Heartache and Manage Family Responsibilities

Picking the correct Executor / Administrator may save you money, create more efficiency and mean less heartache by avoiding family conflicts. Having someone with expertise act as Executor / administrator makes the process go smoother.

Eliminate Overwhelming Financial Issues

An agent / bill pay relationship saves the frustration of dealing with issues you’re no longer comfortable working with. Financial responsibilities such as managing a checkbook, paying bills or handling investments can become overwhelming.

Protect Buyer and Seller in an Escrow Real Estate Purchase

Escrows are a wonderful way to protect both the seller and buyer until the contract for deed is satisfied and the title is ready to be transferred from the seller to the buyer. A professional escrow agent ensures accuracy and fairness by receiving and recording payments and providing a breakdown of principal and interest to the seller. Escrow payments can be made monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.