Farmers State Bank, Pittsfield, IL Named a Top Community Bank in America


Pittsfield, IL – Farmers State Bank, headquartered in Pittsfield, IL, was just named among the top extraordinary banks in the United States by The Institute for Extraordinary Banking™.

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Farmers State Bank was recognized with the Institute’s Overall Excellence Banky™ Award for exemplary performance in five areas of banking: philanthropy, customer service, thought leadership, workplace culture, and financial literacy education. No stranger to the Banky Awards, Farmers State Bank has previously been recognized with similar accolades. In 2019, they were named a winner of the Thought Leader Banky® Award across all sizes of community banks, as well as a category winner in the Less than $300 Million Asset Class. In 2017 and 2018, they were also awarded the Institute’s Overall Excellence Banky™ Award.


“We are honored to have been named one of the Top Community Banks in America,” said Nevin Grigsby, President of Farmers State Bank. “Like the communities we serve, we are consistent in how we show up, bringing grit and determination into everything we do. Over time, this has allowed us to excel and improve in all aspects. I want to say thank you to our team for their dedication to our customers and to our customers for allowing us to be your trusted advisor for the past 133 years.”


The Extraordinary Banking™ Awards highlight the vital yet often overlooked role that local community banks play in our nation’s economy. Without a vibrant local banking industry, our small businesses and families often lack the have-your-back support of a true community bank that makes communities really thrive.


The Extraordinary Banking™ Awards recognize the best of what community banks offer to our cities, towns, and nation: a true commitment to the success of the small businesses and local community they serve.


Roxanne Emmerich, Chair and Founder of The Institute for Extraordinary Banking™, proclaimed during the awards ceremony: “Community banks are the backbone of America. They are what keeps a community thriving. When a community bank leaves a community, small businesses often struggle to stay, and jobs leave. Every robust community has a strong community bank that understands how to help that community thrive and grow.”


To schedule an interview or get more information, call Farmers State Bank at 217-285-5585.


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