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Maximize Your Farm’s Income Without Having to Manage it Yourself

96% of landowners with a farm managed by Farmers State Bank have enjoyed increased revenues and or decreased expenses while 50% have improved their bottom line to more than offset management expenses.

You may wonder how we’re able to provide such enviable results. Here’s how:

  1. 20 years farm management experience
  2. Experience in farm ownership and operation – walking in your shoes
  3. Certification from the premier farm management accreditation organizationAFM
  4. The only Farm Management Department with an accredited farm manager living in Pike Co., IL and one of the few individuals with accreditation in neighboring counties
  5. Communication skills with the ability to:
    • Immediately answer your questions
    • Market grain
    • Manage timber sales
    • Negotiate hunting leases
    • Handle government farm programs
    • Manage crop, lease and input decisions
    • Manage the process of crop share - cash rent leases
    • Give land acquisition assistance
    • Provide annual reports with detailed record keeping 

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